Deciding on a New Color Scheme for Your Home

by Jessica Andrews-Kunst 09/29/2019

Most individuals find choosing the right color scheme for their homes as the most overwhelming part of the decoration process. After all, you have to consider furniture, doors, drapes, and other items before you pick any color. But it doesn't have to be all that difficult. A few simple rules can see you working through it with ease.

Start with a neutral color as your backdrop and then build on by adding other contrasting colors with art and accessories. You will need to work with a color wheel and determine what color scheme of the color wheel you want to use. The monochromatic scheme involves using different shades of a single color of the color wheel. The analogous color scheme consists of using colors that appear next to each other on the color wheel to create a colorful arrangement. You may also decide to do a contrast scheme that involves using a triad of contrasting colors. For a bolder look, use the complementary scheme. Contrast has to do with two opposing colors used for the interior. 

You should also consider how the lighting will change the appearance of colors within your home at different times of the day. You may have to use sample swatch cards in the color you are thinking of using, or paint onto a card in that color and carry them around the house, testing them in different lighting conditions. Before you commit, you may even decide to paint small areas of each room to see how the colors will complement each other around the house. Having decided on the colors you want to use, you should look at how it will flow into the general design of the room. Bear in mind the kind of furniture and upholstery you either already have present in the house or you intend to purchase. Your colors have to fit in with these generally so deciding on the exact shade of color you want should come last in what you are doing. 

The entire process should not be a stressful one if you put enough planning into it. Visit with paint professionals in the paint store and ask how each hue complement each other. You can bring home as many test samples as you can until you find your perfect mix. However, at the end of the day, remember that the final decision lies with you—your color scheme should reflect you, seeing as it is your home.

About the Author

Jessica Andrews-Kunst

Jessica Andrews-Kunst is an accomplished Bay Area agent who brings a strategic yet personable approach to the home buying, home selling, and investing process. Drawing from years of experience as a Sonoma County entrepreneur, Jessica has built a reputation for her refreshingly friendly customer care and proven ability to guide buyers and sellers both to obtain the best real estate value streamlined to their individual expectations. Whether it is pursuing a family dream home or as assisting a seller toward a researched, smooth, stress-free, sale of their home, Jessica enjoys helping people navigate through this sometimes complex process. 

A Bay Area native, growing up in Marin and Contra Costa Counties and then moving to Sonoma County 20 years ago, Jessica has extensive knowledge of the different cities and neighborhoods across the Bay Area, all the way to the Oregon border.  Jessica is a professional business woman who, for more than 21 years, has demonstrated her passion of real estate by embracing the process in her personal life.

Her main intention is to understand each client’s needs and build a relationship that lasts. When orchestrating deals for her buyers and sellers, Jessica is assertive and effective, getting the job accomplished with the utmost  honesty and integrity. She believes that all clients should walk away feeling like they had the best and most honorable experience possible. While she is known as a strong negotiator and advocate for her clients, she is just as much a compassionate, friendly, empathetic team player who eases a process that can at times seem stressful. Jessica can diffuse such moments and help streamline and smooth the process.

Jessica is a member of CAR, NAR, & CAA. She recently served as the President of the Board of Homeowners Associations for Willow Park; a 58-unit complex of townhouse and condos in Rohnert Park, CA. Jessica was personally responsible for engaging the community of owners to transition this residential complex from a distressed, unfundable complex to a thriving community. Gathering people with a common goal, Jessica created a functioning board who then worked to restore the financial reserves, addressed years of deferred maintenance and engaged a community of owners to participate in the wellbeing of their community by working together and taking pride in their neighborhood.